STEP 1 :

Contacting a WSC (Water Servicing Co-ordinator approved by Sydney Water)

A Water Servicing Co-ordinator is an individual who has been accredited by Sydney Water as a professional expert to act on your behalf for Section 73.

LP Consulting and Mr Louis Panagopoulos are a Sydney Water CBD satellite office of Greg Houston Plumbing Pty Ltd, who is a Licensed Water Servicing Co-ordinator. Mr Louis Panagopoulos has provided expert advice for Section 73 building developments since 1988.
LP Consulting and Mr Louis Panagopoulos are listed on the Sydney Water registered List of Providers:

STEP 2 :

Submission of Application to Sydney Water

Every building development is required by Local Councils in Sydney to obtain a Notice of Requirements letter from Sydney Water under Section 73 of the Sydney Water Act. This requirement is listed in your Local Council Development Consent Conditions of Approval.
The application to Sydney Water will require the following information:
• The Local Council Development Consent Conditions
• A survey plan of the site
• A Plan of Subdivision if applicable
• Occupancy information including usage and population information
LP Consulting will act on your behalf to manage all documentation submissions and prepare the Application. Please note that we are required to lodge this application electronically to Sydney Water.
Sydney Water charges a fee for submission, but you will only pay one fee amount to LP Consulting which will cover all costs including Sydney Water costs.
During this time, LP Consulting will answer all your queries and keep you informed on all updates and phases.
The Section 73 application is then reviewed by Sydney Water to determine the requirements of the development.
If there are no requirements, a Section 73 Certificate is issued.
If there are servicing requirements, Sydney Water will detail these in a response. We will then advise you through Sydney Water’s Notice of Requirements, and LP Consulting will guide you through to the next phase.

STEP 3 :

Manage the Construction Phase for Sydney Water Requirements

Once Sydney Water has confirmed requirements, LP Consulting will manage the construction phase and work directly with an accredited Sydney Water constructor to ensure any of Sydney Water’s Notice of Requirements are met.

STEP 4 :

Final Submission after completion of Sydney Water Requirements

After the completion of constructions to adhere to the Sydney Water requirements, LP Consulting will then complete a final submission to Sydney Water.

STEP 5 :

Issue of Section 73 Compliance Certificate

When Sydney Water confirms an approval, you will be issued with a Section 73 Compliance Certificate for your project. LP Consulting will work as your Water Servicing Co-ordinator and communicate this to you directly. We will ensure that your project has all the documentation which communicates a Section 73 adherence to Sydney Water.