What is a Section 73?

Section 73 Certificate is a compulsory requirement for any new building development in order to be able to connect to Sydney Water infrastructure. This applies to all new developments: whether you are building a residential, commercial or industrial facility. This also includes new homes, subdivisions, retail, factory or apartments. Read More

Do I need a Section 73?

Every new development build requires an approved Section 73 Certification in order to commence build and to connect to Sydney Water.

For any building structures, you will not be able to receive appropriate water waste, drainage, water supply or connect to Sydney Water without this certification.

For other smaller structures, such as a fence, a pool, extension or a granny flat, you will still need your Building Plans Approved by Sydney Water before obtaining a Construction Certificate from your Principal Certifying Agency or Council.

Why is it required?

Before the commencement of any build, your new development plans will need to comply with all Sydney Water requirements in order to receive an approved Section 73 Certification.

The certificate confirms that your development plans satisfy the requirements and needs required by Sydney Water. This will ensure that your building project will continue smoothly and be completed with all necessary Sydney Water connections.

Who deals with a Section 73?

Section 73 submissions are dealt with by a licensed Sydney Water Servicing Coordinator (WSC). An accredited WSC has a thorough knowledge of Sydney Water requirements and has experience in managing all Section 73 certificate phases; from submission of an application to the final construction.

The accredited WSC will make an application, submit the plans to Sydney Water, manage the application, work with the Sydney Water constructor and complete a final package for submission to ensure your build will be issued with a Section 73 Compliance Certificate.

The WSC will deal directly with Sydney Water on your behalf and manage all the necessary requirements to ensure your build complies with all the requirements.

LP Consulting is accredited by Sydney Water to act as a WSC on your behalf. We will keep you informed throughout the entire process as we put together your submission and manage your Section 73 application efficiently and smoothly.”

How long does a Section 73 take?

From the date of submission, an application for a Section 73 Certificate to Sydney Water can take between 3-6 weeks depending on the complexity of the project.

With LP Consulting experience with Sydney Water issues and industry knowledge of all water management projects, we are industry leaders with Section 73 Certifications. Our turn-around times for a Section 73 Certificate application lodgment can be as little as 3-4 working days.